Company History



Phase 1: Formation/Asset Focus

  • Gulfport Energy was formed in July 1997
  • Initial assets were those of WRT Energy and a 50% working interest in the West Cote Blanche Bay (“WCBB”) field contributed by DLB Oil and Gas
  • Gulfport divested a number of assets during this period leaving a cleaner balance sheet and focused asset base


Phase 2: Low Risk Development

  • Focused on production and cash flow growth from low risk development activities principally in WCBB
  • Reprocessed 3-D seismic in WCBB field
  • Created a track record of successful drilling


Phase 3: Expansion/Diversification

  • Continued successful drilling and growth at the WCBB field
  • Conducted a 3-D seismic shoot and drilled first exploratory wells in Hackberry field
  • Amassed solid acreage position in Canadian Oil Sands and launched core hole drilling program
  • Acquired interest in Phu Horm natural gas field in Thailand


Phase 4: Resource Play Addition

  • Acquired initial acreage position in Permian Basin and expanded through acquisitions
  • Acquired larger interest in second natural gas field in Thailand
  • Secured sizable position in the core of the Utica Shale achieving early entrant advantages
  • Began vertical integration efforts in the Utica Shale to secure access to quality services


Phase 5: Resource Development

  • Initiated drilling program to begin developing Utica Shale resource and currently actively developing acreage.
  • Contributed Permian Basin interests in Diamondback Energy, Inc. IPO.
  • Contributed certain services investments into Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. IPO.
  • Acquired assets in the core of the SCOOP play and currently actively developing acreage.