2022 Corporate Sustainability Report2023 Corporate Sustainability Report

Commitment and Principles


Without exception, safety is the number one priority for all Gulfport employees and contractors. Gulfport provides comprehensive safety training to all employees and contractors and is fully committed to a safe working environment. We utilize and apply performance metrics to drive and improve safe operations. Gulfport has designed and instituted emergency response and business continuity plans to address incidents involving operational disruptions, pandemics and natural disasters. These measures include prompt notification procedures enabling Gulfport personnel to quickly evaluate and mitigate risks. Limiting safety incidents is included as part of our incentive compensation programs to ensure we train and hold our employees accountable for operating safely.

Climate Strategy and Environmental Stewardship 

Environmental stewardship serves as the foundation for our climate risk strategy. We are dedicated to delivering clean, safe, affordable and reliable energy while making every effort to reduce our impact on the environment. Gulfport minimizes our environmental impact by:

  • Certifying all Appalachian gas with an independent auditor
  • Retrofitting ~40% of SCOOP natural gas pneumatic devices with compressed air
  • Designing all future pad sites with compressed air pneumatic devices
  • Employing air quality programs and operating practices to ensure that we comply with or exceed regulations
  • Investing in and implementing technology to reduce emissions, waste and our physical footprint on drilling locations
  • Selecting and designing our well sites to minimize impacts to sensitive habitats and surrounding areas
  • Reducing water disposal volumes and freshwater consumption through water re-use or water sharing agreements with other operators
  • Testing spill prevention and response programs to confirm equipment is maintained and operating practices are continually improved to prevent spills and minimize the impact of our operations to the soil, air and water
  • Reduced vehicle emissions by reducing miles in driven by removing personal use and also reduced manpower through the implementation of an operations control room to monitor well and pad locations.

Gulfport also developed an Environmental Policy supporting its commitment to operational excellence, compliance and environmental awareness. Gulfport’s Environmental Policy fosters environmental awareness and serves as a guide for employee behavior. All employees are expected to act and make decisions within the guidelines of the policy to ensure our business complies with all local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations. Gulfport employees and contractors are expected to protect the environment, limit spills and discharges, manage waste responsibly and reduce emissions.

Contractor Management

Gulfport views our contractors as business partners. All new contractors are thoroughly screened and must be approved by our EHS, risk and legal departments. We expect our contractors to provide high-quality services, ensure their employees are trained and have EHS programs that meet or exceed all regulatory laws and standards. Gulfport utilizes ISNetworld® to assist in screening, online training verification and communicating new requirements or expectations. Gulfport holds regularly scheduled employee and contractor meetings throughout the year. These meetings focus on EHS performance, operational changes, incident findings, hazard observations, stop work authority and regulatory compliance efforts.

In addition, Gulfport also schedules monthly vendors meetings through the year. In these meetings, we discuss specific EHS topics, operational updates, EHS performance, share lessons learned from incidents or personal stories and share hazard observation trending.

If you have questions, please email Gulfport Contractor Management at vendors@gulfportenergy.com. To apply to become a vendor, contact your Gulfport Operations Representative and ask for a Vendor Request Form. Forms submitted directly by a contractor will be rejected.

ISN can be contacted by calling 214-303-4900 or 1-800-976-1303 (Toll Free), by e-mail at CustomerService@isnetworld.com or visit their website at www.isnetworld.com.