Investing In Our Communities

Gulfport Energy Corporation is a value-driven, growth-oriented oil and gas exploration and production company.

We believe in impacting, empowering and improving the communities in which we do business in and our employees reside. We uphold our corporate responsibility and put our core values into action by forming partnerships that give back within the communities and enhance the lives of the citizens and our stakeholders for years to come.

Gulfport Energy will consider sponsorship opportunities for registered 501(c)3 nonprofits who serve our operating areas. Gulfport does not have an application deadline and charitable funding requests are reviewed in a timely manner as they are received. All sponsorship funding requests must be submitted through application via the online contributions request form.



With Gulfport's headquarters in central Oklahoma, we are familiar with the community needs that exist across our state. Following the start of our operations in southern Oklahoma, Gulfport has been presented with opportunities to partner with citizens to better the community. A collaboration began with the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma to assist in identifying the economic and social well-being of the communities where our fellow Oklahomans reside.

In 2019, the Gulfport Energy Fund of Oklahoma was established and invests in the areas where we operate with an impact-driven focus on education, health, human services and the environment. The inaugural grant round will launch in July 2019 with a funding focus on youth development and education.

Click here to see the grant application and latest news with the Gulfport Energy Fund of Oklahoma.


As Gulfport's operations began in southeast Ohio, we recognized the numerous opportunities to partner with the citizens of Appalachia to better the community. We collaborated with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio to assist us with identifying the needs of the community and together, make a positive, sustainable impact in the communities where we operate.

Since April 2014, we have awarded 105 grants, totaling more than $325,000 in funding across Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Monroe, Jefferson and Noble Counties. These grants have impacted over 47,000 people and will help improve and shape a better future for Appalachia Ohio. The Gulfport Energy Fund offers two grant cycles per year: the first catering to needs in education in the spring and focusing on health, human services and environmental stewardship in the fall. Our grants have included supporting volunteer fire departments, building greenhouses, providing technology in the classroom and numerous other projects that have bettered the lives of local citizens.

To learn more about the Gulfport Energy Fund of Appalachia or if your organization is interested in applying for the next grant round, please visit the Gulfport Energy Fund of Appalachia's website or call 740-753-1111.


Gulfport Energy supports the community it conducts business in and promotes employee volunteerism for all initiatives. If your organization has a need or opportunity for individual or group volunteering, please email us at